Safety in the Dental clinic

You can feel confident, because in our dental clinic we give particular importance to health and comfort. For this reason, we not only follow but we exceed all safety standards and controls against the spread of germs.

In our dental clinic the control against the spread of microbes is an essential parameter for the manner in which we provide high quality dentistry. We follow the highest standards to ensure that our dental practice is clean and safe for our patients, visitors and staff. We want you to feel confident and comfortable when you visit our dental clinic for testing or treatment and when you refer your friends and family to accept our care.

Elements to control the spread of germs and safety

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) is the largest public health service in the United States that measures trends in disease occurrence and develops methods to prevent the occurrence of diseases. Specifications for infection control in the field of dental health set by the CDC provide new standards to control the spread of germs in the dental practice, in order to protect both employees and patients. These standards we follow in our dental clinic.

The personal protection and the protection of patients, applied by the dentist and the dental staff, greatly enhances the control of the spread of germs.

To create a barrier against germs, masks and gloves are changed between patients.

Goggles, disposable towels for patients and other protective measures help us to protect you from infections .You may notice the use of plastic caps or other "barriers" in places that the dental staff frequently touches, such as light, chairs, instrument trays, radiological equipment or syringes. Wherever is possible we use materials in single doses and disposable instruments.

Sterilization and disinfection are critical factors for safety.

For this reason:
• We clean and place in special bags all our sterilization instruments prior to sterilization.
• We sterilize all dental tools from patient to patient.
• We record every sterilization process.
• We clean and disinfect surfaces, worktops, lights, dental chairs and all our other equipment.
• We keep always clean floors, walls , windows and shutters and all dental care application areas.

I be worried about X-rays?

No. X-rays are an important diagnostic tool used to ensure your health. An x-ray can help us to identify abnormalities that are not visible during the clinical examination of your mouth by the dentist.

These often severe situations include:
• Loss of alveolar bone ( periodontal disease).
• Cancer of the oral cavity.
• Inflammation or abscess of teeth or gums.
• Fractures of teeth.
• Caries cavities that are not evident on clinical examination.

The amount of radiation received by the patient when taking radiographs of the teeth is very small. With the modern radiographic equipment and the high-speed films dental radiographs are safer than in the past.

What are the measures for minimal radiation exposure?

We protect you with a lead apron that covers your body in purpose not to accept the radiation . If you are pregnant you should inform us so we can take extra measures. The members of our staff take measures to be protected against radiation exposure and they bring special meter that measures radiation dose they receive. We follow the most recent guidelines of ADA (American Dental Association) in protection from radiation in the dental practice.

Should I be concerned about possible allergic reactions?

Please inform us of any drugs that could interact with dental treatment.

We do not risk with patients and staff members who may have an allergy to latex. We provide a safe environment to the latex for those who are allergic to it.

We ask all patients if they are allergic to latex, latex-free gloves are available and similar other disposable instruments and our staff is trained to follow a special protocol for patients who are sensitive to latex.

One last word

Our mission is to promote and protect your health. To achieve this goal, we do everything possible to ensure your safety and make sure to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. Please feel free to formulate questions that you have about the protective measures taken for the security or control of the spread of germs and infection transmission.